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Services | Aesthetic Dentistry

It is world wide accepted that one of the first areas we are focusing on when meeting someone is his/her mouth. According to a number of studies, people with attractive smile are deemed more successful in their personal and professional life. The healing properties of laughter are particularly important, since it reduces stress hormones and arterial pressure, activates respiration and evokes an overall feeling of well-being.

Aesthetic Dentistry aims at creating bright, natural smiles, while meeting the specific needs of each patient. 

Smile design deals with the restoration of a balanced smile, having taken into consideration and analyzed the anatomical elements, the face shape, the gender, the character, the lip shape and the occlusal relationships. 

This is how an attractive smile is designed for each, unique face by using all scientific means available nowadays. It is a completely personalized treatment, while the patient can “see” the result before the treatment has even begun.

It refers to a safe procedure which changes the color of the teeth. The result is whiter, brighter, ‘younger’ teeth along with an attractive, fresh smile. Teeth whitening is performed at the dentist clinic using laser and other special whitening lamps in a single appointment or at home, using personalized bleaching trays and bleaching material. The ideal procedure differs for each patient.

It is a method of minimal intervention, which respects dental and periodontal tissues and has long-lasting results. The veneers are adhered to the front surface of the teeth, thus correcting their color, shape and position. In this way, an aesthetic and functional balance is achieved in the dental arch, as well as in the face and lips.

They can be direct or indirect, built by the dentist during the appointment or in the laboratory. Although they are a more affordable solution and share the same characteristics with porcelain veneers, their product lifecycle is shorter.

They are crowns made entirely of porcelain, ‘guaranteeing a high level of aesthetics due to the absence of a metal frame. They are completely biocompatible.

They are resin or porcelain dental sealants, made in the laboratory. The result is long lasting, aesthetically perfect and the dental tissues are protected.